About Us

ISMM was founded in 1986 by a group of well-reputed Muslim brothers with the spiritual and religious guidance of Sheikh Ahmed Dewidar. It started as a Friday prayer service at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1996, from which it occupied a rental space in midtown that it quickly outgrew. In 1999 ISMM moved to its current location, comprised of four spacious floors.  With the blessing of Allah (SWT) and the generous support of our community, we are pleased to have purchased our current space.

We are blessed and delighted to be located at such a central location from which we can serve the needs of a wide and varied congregation.

Sheikh Ahmed Dewidar is a graduate of Law and Shariah. He holds a Masters in Shariah and a PhD in Principles of Islam and Comparative Religions. He completed his studies at Al-Azhar University and Alexandria University, both in Egypt and Hartford Seminary in Connecticut, USA. He is a hafiz Al-Quran and in 1998 was awarded the world prize for Qari Al-Quran (Quranic recitation).

He has been in New York since [] where he has not only served as the Chief Imam for ISMM but he has directed his efforts in building bridges on an inter-faith level as well as representing the interests of New York’s Muslim Community on a state and national level.

Sheikh Mohammed Dewidar serves as the Resident Imam at ISMM and is also a graduate of Al-Azhar University.